The company:

Memorial do Ensino Agrícola Superior da Bahia (MEASB) has the goal of preserving and telling Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia’s history.

The project:

Although the institution already existed, they didn’t have a brand. After understanding the brand voice and values, the next step was creating the visual identity, which in this case involved a unique process. I created three different versions of the logo and these were shared in the University’s Facebook page so the community was able to vote on their favourite. Based on the results, I refined the chosen design and build the logo and remaining visual identity elements.

The second part of the project was building a french fold brochure. This brochure leveraged the brand colours and to raise awareness to the events the Memorial put together, as well as give a brief timeline of the university and the importance of maintaining history alive.

The final piece of the project was the collection’s catalogue. With this project I was able to share more in depth details about the Memorial, as well as highlight all the archive pieces they have.

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