Anyone who has natural black hair knows it is not easy to take care of it. I have had natural for almost 8 years, but only recently I found products that are affordable, easy to use and makes my hair look just the way I want.

It may look like a lot of product, or I’m just saying that because I am very lazy with my hair, but aside from washing, it only takes me 10 minutes every day to get the hair in place.

Here’s what and how I use my favorite products:

Natural hair products

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Hair Oil

Surviving winter was a huge challenge to my hair. Lots of hot showers, dryer, cold, wind. My hair was very weak and dull. I needed something simple, that I could apply before the styling gel and that would add some shine to it. This oil does just that. My hair has never been this shiny in my life, it is not very greasy and being a spray just makes life so much easier.

2. La Bella Super Hold Styling Gel

Finding out about styling gel was life changing. I went from having to braid my whole hair and then undoing it all and having curls that lasted one day, to having beautiful voluminous curly hair with very little effort. When I saw this gel I was a little skeptical because it was so cheap, how could it work? But since it was under 3 dollars I decided to give it a shot and I never looked back. It has a strong hold (holds curls easily up to three days), it defines curls beautifully and it doesn’t make your hair look like it has gel on it.

3. TRESemmé Curl Care Mousse Flawless Curls

Only recently I found out that the best way to keep the curls’ shape it to put the hair up at night. But the thing is, in the morning the hair is either all up or really flat. This mousse is the perfect solution. It smells amazing, allows you to style your hair after it is already dry and it really helps to hold the curls. And has a super bonus: it is moisturizing.

4. Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion

This is the first leave-in hair lotion I used that actually made a difference in my hair. It really hydrates and adds shine to the hair. The only thing is that if you mix it with the styling gel and apply on damp hair, it looks like you have dandruff all over your hair. So now I only apply it after my hair is dry or with the mousse in the morning.

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