Valeria Gonzaga

Bringing stories to life through design, illustration, and photography



My name is Valeria (pronounced 'vuh-leh-ri-uh' – just in case you were wondering), and I'm a graphic designer. I started my career over ten years ago. Along the way, I had the chance to build long-lasting relationships with peers in marketing agencies, media and private companies, educational institutions, and freelance projects. Whether I help you with your visual identity, website, photography or social media presence, my main goal is to bring your brand's story to life.

An uncommon path led me here

Successful design projects require more than just talent. They must be effective in communicating your brand's message and must look and sound authentic. There needs to be a balance between creativity, technical knowledge and a deep understanding of user experience.

There's always something new to learn

I believe you should always be curious, and that knowledge goes beyond your area of expertise.

I have many interests, and studying them helps me be a better designer. Why? Because being outside your comfort zone and learning about other subjects ultimately translates into different perspectives, experimentation and creativity.

From graphic design to culinary, here's what I studied so far:

Certificate in Multimedia Storytelling & Content Marketing

University of Toronto

Certificate in UX Design & Development Skills

OCAD University

Master's Degree in Editorial Design

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

Bachelor's in Graphic Design

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Certificate in Food and Media

George Brown College

Diploma in Culinary Management

George Brown College

Putting into action

I am fortunate to have worked in significantly different environments in various countries, which opened a wide range of possibilities.

I am fortunate to have worked in significantly different environments in various countries, which opened a wide range of possibilities. I believe this comes through in the unique and creative work I do. This unorthodox career path and diverse experience taught me how to:

  • be a team-player
  • adapt quickly
  • always find a solution or at least a workaround to any problem
  • know what questions to ask
  • understand the meaning of the answers
  • communicate effectively

The bottom line

When you put together years of experience and diverse education, the result is a rare skillset. Throughout my career, I built and refined my expertise in different areas such as:


editorial design

web design

UX/UI design



social media marketing





project management

The proficiency in all these areas helps me create from a unique point of view. The result is design pieces that are equally beautiful, genuine, and functional.


I can't wait to hear from you

Do you think we would work well together? Want to create a project that reflects your brand's personality? Don't hesitate to reach out. I can't wait to get to know you and collaborate with you to create something great.