When everything around you is chaos, it’s hard to take the time to do things you like. For me, the past two years have been about putting fires away. Things are much better now, and since I feel like I’m not doing much with my free time, I decided to start blogging again. It’s important to me to have a project to work on, and blogging is the perfect opportunity to do more of two things I’m passionate about, writing and photography.

I’ve been in quarantine since March. During this time, I started a new job, finished my UX Skills Development course at OCAD, found out the cause of all my health issues, and joined a 10-week training program to run a 10 K. But how I’m keeping myself sane?

The quarantine diaries

It”s not easy. For the first couple of months, even getting groceries delivered was a week-long effort. It was hard to shut down and focus, with everything that’s going on in the world, so I had to take action to create a healthy environment. After all, no one knows for long we’ll be quarantined.

Working out is a priority

Since I don’t have to commute, I’m able to wake up at 7AM and workout for a full hour before I start to work. Since outings are limited, being outside for my run feels fantastic, and I’m able to start my day on a positive note and with a clear head.

Have a routine

For the first quarantine week, I was just walking around the house and snacking the whole day. I had a few days off work, and I filled my time with food. Luckily, I started my new job the following week, and I was able to get back on track.

I had a pretty base routine pre-COVID, so I tried to create a healthy routine for my week. This includes my workout, lots of reading, taking care of my plants, and doing calligraphy. I also make sure I make time to unwind and relax before I fall asleep.

Talk to someone

I love going to therapy. It’s time you have to sit and just talk about yourself and not be called self-centred. How wonderful is that?

Personally, I feel like confinement brought some bad behaviours to light, so this felt like the perfect time to go back to therapy. I’m always looking for ways of improving myself, so why not take this time to do it?

It’s not always easy, and there are a lot of tears involved, but it’s worth it when I see how much I’ve improved. Even though I’m still far from perfect, it feels good to know that I’m working on becoming a better person.

Self-care is important

I am goal-focused. This translates into me feeling guilty when I’m taking time to take care of myself. Knowing that I made sure to add some time in my daily routine to be alone and take care of me.

It can be my skincare routine, using my deep tissue massage gun, taking a long bath or reading. It doesn’t take a lot of time. As long as you’re consciously taking time off your day to do something that you love and makes you happy.

This is what I’m doing to make quarantine less boring and make sure I’m still sane. What are you doing?

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