Walking around Toronto, I had seen a lot of people with a bag that said The Abnormal Beauty Company. I thought the bag looked really nice, but because of that, I thought the products were also expensive. I later found out that there was a store 400m from my house. And after going on their website and seeing how inexpensive the products were, I decided to get a few things and give it a try.

At that moment, my sin was at its very worst. Not even as a teenager my skin looked as bad as it did at that time. I had something that looked like chicken pox (I don’t think it was, but it left a lot of marks on my skin) and the birth control pill I was taking at the time destroyed my skin. None of the products I was using, most of which I had used for years, was helping me deal with the situation. On top of that, it was starting to get cold. I have mixed skin, so I need a moisturizer that will keep my skin hydrated while not giving me acne. And also, I’ve been trying to buy products that are more natural and if they are vegan, even better.

One afternoon after work, I went to Deciem. I don’t remember what I got that day, but the very next day I noticed some improvement on my skin. Three days later I went back and got five more products. One month later, my skin was almost back to normal. I never saw anything like it.

Every time I run out of something, I go back and find something else I haven’t tried yet and I’m never disappointed. Right now, my skin is at it’s very best. I don’t remember the last time my skin was dry, and now I only have hormonal acne that is usually gone within a few days and whatever mark it leaves, is gone in a week.

I recommend Deciem it to everyone. All The Ordinary products cost under $10. That’s cheaper than anything you can get at a pharmacy. And most products are vegan and they last for a very long time. I use most serums twice a day. I got them in October and only now (April) I’m getting a replacement. So basically I need to but it two or three times a year.

My main problem with beauty products and makeup is that coming from a place where is always ridiculously hot, I hate feeling that I have something melting off my face. All Deciem products I have tried so far are so lightweight I don’t even remember I have anything on. My skin can always breathe, and that’s my main criteria. And also the products really work.

Below are my top 5 favourite products. I love all the products I have, but these literally make me smile when I put them on my skin every day, or as Marie Kond would say, they spark joy.


I hate feeling that I have product in my skin. Because I’m black, I have to wear sunscreen to avoid dark spots and marks in my skin. And also because I use a lot of acid in my skin, so this is something I use daily. I love that it’s not oily, I only need a small amount to cover my whole skin and it’s long lasting.
Alpha Arbutin
Being black has lots of advantages, but nothing is perfect. Anything that happens to our skin leaves a mark. Even though the Borage Seed Oil is also great for dark spots, it is the worst smelling thing I ever put in my face. It does work, but the smell takes some getting used to it. The Alpha Arbutin is fragrance-free and not oily, and it treats my dark spots so quickly, I absolutely love it.
Lactic Acid
This is not something you should use if you don’t have any major skin issues. I used it to recover my skin from the dreadful situation it was last year. Now I only used it when I have major marks on my skin or once a week. That being said, this thing will rip off anything from your skin. I love acids because they will literally remove a layer of skin from your face. I know it sounds aggressive, but as long as you keep your skin moisturized and don’t overdo it, your skin will look beautiful after it.
High-Spreadability Fluid Primer
As I mentioned a million times before, I hate feeling that I have product on my skin. Everythime I use this primer, I smile and I say to myself: it feels like I’m putting velvet on my face. It’s light, easy to apply and it works really well with The Ordinary Foundation, which I don’t use as often. I like having good skin so I don’t need to apply a lot of makeup. So with all the products I use, most days all I need is a layer of primer and I’m good for the whole day with my skin as smooth as velvet.
Hyaluronic Acid
Even though it’s called acid, hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer. If I must say, the best moisturizer I’ve ever used in my life. It’s fluid, lightweight and there is no oil! I know! At first, I got a small bottle, but then I got a big tube on Black Friday. Now I even use it in my body as a moisturizer. It doesn’t have any smell and it’s absorbed by the skin in no time.




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